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901 9th Avenue,
Greeley, Colorado
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07:30 am — 05:00 pm
07:30 am — 05:00 pm
07:30 am — 05:00 pm
07:30 am — 05:00 pm
07:30 am — 05:00 pm

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Customer Reviews about Weld County Court:

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    The only decent judge in weld county is judge Lyons. It's all about money and destroying families and young minds. I am on the edge of insanity and suicide. And if you think that they actually care one damn bit about you or your family you're sadly mistaken. And the whole pretrial that they give you is bullshit and is actually a admission of guilt because they have have you taking U.A.'s before you even get to try to face your accusers and take it to trial. Judge Lyons I do appreciate your wisdom and compassion as for the rest of that greedy court house y'all can kiss my ass. And the D.A. IS ACTUALLY SUPPOSED TO LOOK AT THE CASE AND THE FACTS BEFORE HE OR SHE EVER BRINGS THE CASE IN FRONT OF A JUDGE TO SEE IF IT'S WORTH THE EFFORT OF THE JUDGE TO RULE ON IT. BUT YESTERDAY I WAS IN COURT FOR MY SECOND TIME AND THE D.A TRY TO HAND OUT THE SAME PLEA DEAL AND I ASKED HIM TO DISMISS THE CASE AND HE SAID THAT HE WAS NOT GOING TO DO THAT AND HE HADN'T HAD THE TIME TO LOOK AT THE CASE AND EVIDENCE BUT HE WAS SURE WILLING TO GIVE ME A PLEA DEAL FOR THE SECOND TIME AND HE HADN'T EVEN LOOKED AT THE EVIDENCE. SO PLEASE SOMEONE WHO CAN HELP ME OUT OF THE BULLYING AND HELP ME CHANGE LAWS . SO OUR FUTURE GENERATIONS DON'T HAVE TO GO THROUGH ALL THIS BULLSHIT
    By JJ Bigpimp, September 12, 2017
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    This is the worst play to have to go to court. All they want is money there is no justice here you are guilty until proven innocent. I spent 15,000 dollars on a bunch of trumped up charges and won. The whole system is a joke.
    By Troy Kerns, March 21, 2017
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    Judicial Forms JDF 76T R1/14 among Others To Carly Koppes and Colorado State’s Official Record Keepers, According to Colorado Judicial form (JDF 76T R1/14,) there is a clear distinction between County Court and District Court. I have questions which cannot be answered by the Colorado Legal Web Portal because that legal information (which is required to be available to the public,) is missing from that legal web portal and in fact I am unable to access much of anything due to hyperspace links leading to webpage errors and a reoccurring message assuring me that the webmaster has been notified. 1) Exactly what is that difference between these two courts, as indicated on this form? 2) Exactly when shall the webmaster be notified of the scores of unavailable content on the Colorado Legal Web Portal and thus fix these official problems? 3) While it’s great that the webmaster is notified of errors, is the webmaster actually obligated to do anything about it? I ask because I have been seeing these errors on the Colorado Legal Web Portal habitually since Sept 2014. 4) Do Colorado tax payers pay the cost of Colorado’s dysfunctional Legal Web Portal or the salary of the webmaster? 5) As I am required to appear in court to answer to a fraudulent complaint from whomever, why is it that I am constantly being harassed, constantly being victimized, constantly suffering from the exploitation of my personal and social information yet I cannot receive assistance or pursue charges against those whom have and are committing crimes against me? 6) Can we not kiss and make up? I’d much rather an amicable relationship with you all as opposed to this abusive and harmful relationship which you all refuse to end and continue to force me to be part of. Since the same authorities who refuse to provide me with Equal Justice and Equal Protection are the same authorities whom have been harassing me since 2010, and as they are the same authorities who refuse to file any of my own complaints of harassment and of crimes of fraud against me, and as they are the same authorities who are themselves directly involved in the exploitation of my stolen identity and my stolen personal social security information (social security; what a joke to me at this point,) and my stolen property and my stolen mail, and since they are the same authorities whose illegal meddling in my medical affairs has rendered me incapable of receiving medical treatment in Colorado I shall include every complaint that I have made about Colorado’s Authorities to Colorado’s Authorities and those specific official (judicial and medical,) individuals involved, I shall have all of those complaints notarized to create my own legitimate record. And since none of the official documents that I have been issued over the past years match any of the records or documents which you all have altered and filed, it really makes no difference nor does it provide any security blanket to you to prosecute me in private hearings in attempt to conceal misconduct…you see, the records you all file do match my officially issued documents which means my accurate records are not sealed, only yours are. I’d like to kiss and make up with Colorado’s authorities whom have so grievously mistreated me both legally and medically. I’d like for this to all become water under the bridge and move on with my life and pursuits of happiness… Sincerely, Zachary Ian Freeman
    By Mojo Mable, November 07, 2016
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